Clairmont Strobe System  

Clairmont Strobe System--+The Clairmont Strobe System provides pulsed light at 7000 degrees Kelvin. The strobe's extremely short flash duration (1/50,000 second) is triggered when the camera is at mid-shutter. The result on film is a blur-free image that greatly enhances photography of moving objects, regardless of camera speed. The exposure time when using the strobe is 1000 times faster than the normal shutter speed of 1/50 second. For this reason, there is no need to compensate for exposure when ramping camera speed during the shot. The exposure of each frame will be consistent throughout the ramp interval. When using the Clairmont Strobe System there is no need to close down the shutter of the camera from 180 degrees to obtain a sharper image. Closing the shutter angle may interfere with the even exposure of each frame and will not produce a sharper image.

Each of the strobe system lamp heads come with a light stand yoke and a power pack. Any number of lamp head/power pack combinations can be used (typically 2,3 or 4) and all will fire in perfect sync. The provided accessory case includes cables, light meter, preview box, camera/strobe sync control box, spare light meter batteries and spare cables. A spare flash lamp is provided in its own case.

A 24 Frame Strobe Sequencer is also available. This device controls the firing of separate heads or groups of heads. The heads (or groups) can be set to fire from one to twenty-four flashes per twenty-four frames of film. The Sequencer has nine channels with 24 DIP switches per channel (more than one head per channel can be fired by connecting power packs) controlling the strobes frame by frame. For example, one group can be set to flash for frames #3, 8, 12, 18, 22 & 24. The second group can be set to flash for different frames. Up to nine groups of heads can be set to fire independently allowing for precise control of lighting frame by frame.

Before setting up and operating the Clairmont Strobe System, read the rest of
this booklet to ensure safe and proper operation. Even if you are in a rush, the
CAUTIONS under "Power Requirements" and "System Set-up" must be observed or
system damage and shock hazards will result. Set-up errors are typically
inadequate ventilation and lack of a good earth ground.

Operation Manual

(requires Adobe Acro Reader)