Greetings CTD
We welcome you with open arms. From day one Denny and Terry Clairmont foster an environment where clients and crew members have free access to all key personnel in each department that make up the Clairmont organization. This has been our philosophy since 1976 when Denny and Terry first opened their doors for business. The Clairmonts have been in the motion picture industry quite literally since the day they were born. To learn more about Clairmont’s history, Denny Clairmont or Terry Clairmont, just follow this link.

Denny Clairmont, our president, is a perfectionist with a technical background. He has been keeping cameras, lenses and their accessories in perfect tune for decades. He surrounds himself with an expert team of designers and craftspeople who maintain and customize our equipment to exacting standards.

Custom Gear
There are dozens of unique custom items in our inventory, things we have built to special order. If you need an exotic piece of special purpose gear, ask us. Perhaps we have it on the shelf.

We specialize in one thing, professional high end digital and film motion picture cameras, lenses and accessories. We deliberately limit the scope of what we do, so we can do it better.

We don’t cut corners. Our equipment gets the most painstaking maintenance in North America. You get equipment that you can consistently rely upon.

Finally, we are open to new ideas; if we can learn from you our business benefits. By sharing and making your job easier, we all benefit. We often give hands on demonstrations for our new gear and will teach you all that we know.

Although we speak primarily English, many of our employees are fluent in Spanish, French, German and Hungarian. (And Pidgin for our Hawaiian friends).